From the Principal’s Desk – End of Term Letter

H.Miller 1

I know that I have loads to learn in my role as your Head, and embrace each experience and learning curve. I have erred on occasion, but picked myself up, brushed myself down and soldiered on. Pringle House is an amazing school. Its uniqueness is its charm.

Physically we have grown in numbers to just over 50 next term. A cause for celebration indeed. The buildings are being modified over the school holiday, and we will be returning to  new classrooms.

As most of you are aware, our new Creative Art Space is almost complete. The piano will be moved there during the holidays. If you are interested in donating musical instruments to the school, we will be sending out a wish list early next term. We also need any contact numbers you may have of friends who I can contact in this regard too. Please phone them through to Erika.

I regret that the early closing notice went out a tad late for many of you. Please note the following for future reference:-

Extra Mural Activities

There are no extra mural activities during the first and last weeks of the term.

Break Up Day

We will be finishing at 10:00 am on the last day of every term.

Public Holidays

As we follow the Western Cape School Calendar, we also have the same holidays and public holidays.

For example- if the public holiday is on a Tuesday, then the Monday is also a school holiday.

We have had a term/year calendar drawn up and will be posting reminders on it timeously for your convenience. As many parents don’t always go onto the web page or our Facebook page, we are also going to be putting reminders in homework books.

A few reminders:-

  1. Please make sure that you sign your child’s homework book daily.
  2. Sick notes. Mandatory. If your child is sick for more than a day, a Doctor’s sick note is required for their files please. EVEN if you email or call the school.
  3. Reports are traditionally given out on the last day of the term. An exception is made if you are going on vacation and will not be here. Please do not take advantage of this, however, and request a report and allow your child to remain at home on the last day. It is fostering a disregard to rules and regulations. The last day is always a fun filled day where the children have time to socialise and enjoy a positive ending to the term.
  4. Your children should be going to bed at a reasonable hour, and their bedtime should not have a negative effect on the following school day. Please do not let them sleep in and miss the first lessons of the day. These are usually the most crucial ones –Maths and English.
  5. Sometimes a lesson may go on a few minutes after two o’clock. We promise that they will be sent out as soon as the teacher is satisfied that all is in order before they are dismissed. Please be patient.

Thank you to all the parents who have made themselves available to assist PHES this term, or who have volunteered their services and expertise. We have you on our “Go To “list when the need arises.

Thank You to my staff. They have shown such a positive and supportive attitude towards me as their Head and their amazing efforts in the classroom are greatly appreciated.  I am humbled when I see the great work being done in the classroom.

A teacher takes a hand, Opens a mind And touches a heart!

Lastly, there is The Pringle Village Festival over the long weekend at the end of April.

We would love parents to volunteer to help the staff with the various stalls we will be manning!

There is going to be a-

  • Pamper Stall – Teacher Sharon


Nail painting


Foot spa etc.

  • Face Painting – Teacher Lesley

Hair colour etc.

  • Art Swirl Creations – Teacher Eloise
  • Games – Teacher Binkie

Pillow fight


Dominoes etc

  • Bric-a Brac Stall –Teacher Heather

White elephant things as well as things the learners and teachers have made.

A book raffle.

Do you have anything that is lovely that you no longer care for that we can include on our stall? Please let me know!

Have a wonderful Holiday. For those of you who celebrate Easter, may it be a Blessed and meaningful one.

School starts on the 18th April 2017

Light and love

Heather Miller