Extramural Activities

Extramural activities form an important part of any child’s development. We encourage all learners to participate in the activities that we offer each term.

Extramural 4


Days From To Activity Grade Teacher
Mondays: 08h00 08h25 Cross Country Lucia/Theresa
Tuesdays: 13h00 13h45 Mini Soccer Gr R-3   (Jnr) Andrea
14h00 14h45 Arts & Culture Gr 4-5   (Snr) Leslie
Wednesdays: 08h00 08h25 Cross Country Heather
13h00 13h45 Arts & Culture Gr R-3   (Jnr) Kim
14h00 14h45 Soccer Gr 4-5   (Snr) Binkie
Thursdays: 14h00 14h45 Chess Gr 1-5 * Selection Only Wilhelmina
Fridays: 08h00 08h25 Cross Country Lucia/Theresa
No ECA AFTER 13H00- school closes at 13h00 for all learners
* Please note: No ECA the first and last weeks of every term
* Please note: On rainy days the teacher, hosting the ECA,  will keep kids in the classroom till the parents are ready to fetch them

Extramural 2
Extramural 3
Extramural 1

Additional Activities Offered



Monkeynastix – the pioneer of movement education in South Africa and internationally

  3-7 Years


Dance Mouse

Dance Mouse

The DANCE MOUSE™ and Dance Madness™ syllabus offers many forms of dance: Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, African-Jazz, Freestyle, Disco, Cheerleading, Contemporary,Rock ‘n Roll, Hip-Tap, Latin American Basics, Gymnastics Basics to name a few…

  4-13 Years


Juanine Dance School

Juanine School of Ballet offers  a healthy learning environment for dancers  to grow & expand their skills!.

  3-7 Years