From the Principal’s Desk – 16th October 2017

H.Miller 1

16th October 2017 

Drama –  Please note that there are to be private drama lessons with Galia on a Wednesday.

Unlock creative potential drama can motivate, educate, inspire, and develop self-confidence.

  >  Voice projection
  >  Fine & gross motor skills
  >  Language & communication skills
  >  Trinity Speech & Drama certification
  >  Eisteddfod coaching
  >  Debating

         Wednesdays / Thursdays 14h15 – 15h00  @ Pringle House Eco

          For more information, please contact:

          Galia Manicom  082 963 3804 or

Auction – We are busy preparing for our Auction at the end of the year and need all the support from the parents that we can get in order to make it a success. It will be run slightly differently this year, with parents giving a suggested donation for their own children’s art work, and then having some larger pieces of art that will be “up-for-grabs”.

I have also invited some of our local artists (many of them talented parents) to also do a piece that will be auctioned too. If you have a talent that I am not aware of and you would be willing to do something for our auction, please let us

Other ideas we could auction:

  • A service…. An electrician…. A plumber…. A seamstress                  
  • Baked goods
  • A meal for two
  • Wine hamper/ bottle
  • Christmas / holiday hamper
  • Overnight/ weekend stay in a holiday cottage…

We are opening it up to the Pringle House community, so I hope you will open up your hearts and donate something towards making this one of our successful fundraising events. Please contact Coleen or Erika if you want to donate something.

Exams –  It is very important that absenteeism is kept to a minimum. It is only a few weeks before exams begin. Term 3 and 4 work will be covered in the exams. (English, Afrikaans and Maths is the entire year’s work).

Baboon Talk – An American researcher, Joselyn Mormile, is doing research with the RooiEls baboons and is working closely with our team who is monitoring our own Pringle Bay baboon troop. Some of you may have noticed that the alpha male and female have been collared and their movements around Pringle Bay are being noted. I approached her after her very interesting and worthwhile presentation and invited her to talk to the parents and children at PHES and she agreed.

Please let me know if you are keen to attend a short presentation on Friday, 27 October @ 5:30- 6:30 I believe that we as an eco-school need to be more involved and aware in the symbiotic relationship we share with the chacma baboons in our area and encourage you to join us. I would love all our students to attend if possible. If there is a poor response I will have her address the learners during school hours.

Beach clean-up –  10.21 @ 9-11 am.

I urge you and your family to be at the beach clean-up on Saturday. It is tremendously important to work as a team –under the banner of PHES to show our community that we really do take our role as Eco Warriors seriously.

BUMPER STICKERS!  – Show the community you LOVE PHES and buy a bumper stickers for your cars! @R10 each.