From the Principal’s Desk – 24 January 2017

H.Miller 1

What an exciting week we had at PHES! We dived right into school on Monday and the fun began. For those of you who are not aware, our Gr2 & 3 classroom is being revamped slowly but surely. It was incredibly hot inside the classroom and Mrs Kruger and her learners were slowly melting. Nita and Jan took the initiative and installed insulation inside on the ceiling and painted the roof outside silver. This has had such a positive impact on the temperature inside the classroom. But Jan still wasn’t entirely happy and we now also have an awning off the classroom. So exciting! Thank you so much for your amazing generosity.

On  Wednesday, we had Francois Van Zyl, who is already known to many of you, come to give the learners a talk about the dangerous snakes we find in Pringle Bay. It was a fascinating talk. He really knows his stuff. I was most impressed. Thank you for giving up your valuable time to deliver a most interesting and informative presentation, Francois.

We were also privileged to have Peter Court, a renowned, award-winning Actor/Puppeteer/ Costume Designer and Artist, entertain and inter-act with the PHES learners. It was awesome to hear their excited laughter and spontaneous responses to his lessons. From movement with the littlies, interactive movement-direction with the middle group and finally he shared some of his experiences and answered many questions to do with acting and puppet shows. He promised us that the next time he visits Pringle Bay he will bring some of his puppets to show them. Watch this space.

I was a tad nervous for Parent’s Evening. I so wanted to make a good impression and stood clutching my notes waiting to begin. But you were all so receptive and welcoming I think a few of you thought I wouldn’t stop talking. I had the awesome task of meeting with two wonderful ladies, Madeline who is a Drama teacher and Debi who is a Music teacher. Both of them provided extensive CVs in their respective fields. We are proud to say that we are to employ both of them this year. At the Parent’s evening I put the motion to employ them to the parents with the proviso that they subsidize the costs incurred to employ them. I propose the additional sum of R120 per child over and above the school fees paid starting from end of January. If you are opposed to this proposal, please contact me soonest or I will give the go ahead to Ms Van Zyl.

I have summarised some of the points covered for those of you who were unable to be there, as we covered many aspects of the school life and where we hope to go in the future.

We are planning a camp out a little later in the term. Details will follow soon.

I believe and trust that anything is possible. Have a wonderful blessed week.

Kindest regards

Heather Mill