From the Principal’s Desk

H.Miller 1


29 OCTOBER 2018

Dear Parents

I cannot believe just how quickly the term is rushing by.

Some NB Things to Remember…

  • There is Burger-Drive-Thru every Friday. You place your orders and pay on the Wednesday and fetch on the Friday. (You can order for friends too, or they can order via the office. I know it is sometimes a tad difficult to plan ahead, but it will soon become a habit, hopefully)

THANK YOU TO THOSE PARENTS WHO ARE ALREADY SUPPORTING THIS FUNDRAISING INITIATIVE. Our first order was for ten burgers and this week is for 5!

  • Please honour your pledge to pay for our sponsored walk.

A BIG Thank You to Adele Stander for supporting us and sponsoring the Boerewors for The Sponsored Walk! It was delicious and we made just over R1300 selling them.

  • The Auction is on the 30 November 2018. Please make yourselves available for this very important Fundraiser. Partners pay R100 a head.

REMEMBER:-Your children ultimately benefit from money being bought in.

Please come on board and commit yourself to sustaining the high standard we have for our school. The staff and I try to make the fundraising events fun ones.

The fees that you pay every month basically cover our running costs. There is little money left after everything has been paid.

Running costs include: light/water; rent; salaries for the staff; printing; telephone; insurance; security; Paper; cleaning products; toilet paper garden services etc. Are over R100 000 pm.

Any improvements we make in the school is from our fundraising efforts.


  1. The staff decided that we would simplyfy the evening so that more money can be spent bidding for something and less work in having to decorate, provide food etc.
  2. It will be R100 per person to attend the function. You are urged to bring/invite any interested parties to attend.
  3. We encourage each family to bring at least 2-4 guests on that evening.

We are hosting the Auction at Little Bay. There are drinks for sale at the bar, there will be platters of food being circulated throughout the evening and we have a proffessional Auctioneer who will be helping us to make much needed funds.

  1. I would like to thank the two parents who have come forward with something to Acution. It would be absolutely wonderful if each parent could do the same. could do the same.
  1. Please Note: CHILDREN’S Art will be exhibited one evening at school. A suggested donation of R100 or more will secure your child’s art. I know that many parents were unhappy that they had to donote so much money for the children’s art. Hopefully you will support this initiative. Date to be confirmed.

Teacher Placements for 2019…

I am delighted to welcome Tanja Bousquet,  who will be teaching the Grade RRR/RR class and Tessa Barret who will be teaching the Grade R/1 class next year. We wish you all the best as you take up your position next year and become part of the PHES family!!!

I apologise to the parents of Binkie’s Class who were unaware of the fact that Binkie was leaving at the end of term 3 and that Sharon Knight( a former teacher @PHES, was her replacement for this term.

I as the head of PHES, together with the members of the SGB always ensure that we find the best possible teacher to become part of the PHES Family. Each candidate who applies is interviewed a few times before an informed decision is made.

Light and love