From the Principal’s Desk

H.Miller 1


23 JULY 2018

Dear Parents

I hope that you all had a wonderful; break. I know that for some it was a very long break.

A new term, new adventures await…


I trust you all received the photographs you ordered.

Father’s Day Treasure Hunt…

The Treasure Hunt was a great success. We forgot to take into account the dads’ competitiveness. A huge Thank you to Wilhelmina for her amazingly creative effort. Her “hunt” was truly amazing. Lots of hard work and hours putting it all together.

After Care Room…

Thank you to Russell and Jason for working on our roof of the outside classroom. It has made such a difference. And a further Thank you to two of our new dads, Melvin and Calvin for completing the job over the weekend.

Mandela Day…

Thank you for all the goodies you sent for the underprivileged people.  You are most generous.


1. Parties @ PHES

You are welcome to have your child’s Birthday party at school. In fact we encourage it!

  • All parties can be held after school on a Friday (after 1 pm) or on the weekend.
  • Cost: R350 for the duration of the party. (2-3 hours). Used for fund raising initiatives
  • Electricity is available if needed.
  • It is your responsibility to tidy up after the party.
  • For more information, please speak to Erika or myself.

2. ECA: Extracurricular activities begin this week. They finish at 2:45 pm and should be fetched by 3 pm at the latest. All children still at school after this time will be sent to After-Care at a cost of R50 per hour. There should be a small timetable for you in your child’s Homework Book.

3. Long weekends this term: Please note that there are two long weekends this term.  Please plan around them.

  • 9 -12 August          Women’s Day
  • 21-24 September    Heritage Day

4. Open Day: All parents are encouraged to help make this day a huge success.

For the new parents, we hold an open day at PHES to show it off to the greater community. Each class is given a theme for a food stall and the parents themselves run that stall. We welcome any additional input on how we can raise funds over and above this on the day. Traditionally we have Paint-ball, pony rides, a jumping castle, face painting. A raffle is always a hit. Perhaps someone can donate a weekend at their cottage, meal at a restaurant etc.?

Please contact me or Coleen Johnson who is head of the PTA who organise the event if you are keen to get involved. More information will follow soon regarding this very important fundraiser.

5. School times: we start at 8:15 a.m.

  • The grade 0-1 learners finish at one o’clock every day.
  • The grade 2-5 learners finish at two o’clock from Monday to Thursday, and one o’clock on a Friday.
  • Please ensure your child has a lift home each day. They get very stressed if there is no one to pick them up.
  • Please remember if you wish to discuss your child’s progress, you must please schedule a time to talk to the teacher after school hours, or ask the Teacher via Erika or a note in the homework book if they can call you. Please supply the contact number and a time that is convenient for you after school hours.

(Remember when you stand and chat to a staff member on the playground, you are keeping her from looking out for the children who are out there.)

6. Enrichment fee: I have had a few queries regarding the enrichment fee. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify exactly what the fee covers. It subsidises the salaries of the specialist teachers who come to our school.-IsiXhosa, Drama and Music. It also covers incidental visits from outside parties who require a nominal fee to come and talk about an area of interest, to the learners. It covers incidental purchases of equipment for the ECA equipment. All the learners benefit from this subsidy. Without this small fee from you we would not be able to do so many varied and interesting things. Specialist teachers usually charge by the hour for any work done outside of their school day.

 7. Music lessons: We welcome Sarah Hubbard who is going to take over the music lessons. I know that the learners are going to blossom in your classes. She has been doing music in Teacher Binkie’s class for the whole of last term. She did such a sterling job that I approached her to come and teach all the classes.

8. Spring Walk: There will be a sponsored walk on Friday 31 August. More details to follow.

9. Facebook pages: Most of you are aware that there are 2 x FB pages. One is an open group where anyone can follow all the exciting things in our school, and the other is a closed group which only has the parents on it. Please ask to be on this group if you are not on it already.

10. Dogs: please can parents not bring their dogs into the school grounds. We have some learners who are petrified when there are new dogs at school. Moonshine and Petal are usually well behaved and are accepted by the children. Rather keep our dog in the car when you come through to fetch your child. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this regard.

11. Baboon Protocol: There have been a number of incidents in the Village regarding the baboons in Pringle Bay. I know who the children are who have been identified as the culprits (throwing things at the baboons and chasing them on their bikes or skateboards.) and I am pleased to say that none of our learners are involved in this. I do, however, ask you to remind your children to not tease the baboons.

Have a wonderful week.

Light and love