From the Principal’s Desk

H.Miller 1



It is wonderful to see how well all the children are settling down and getting into the swing of things.

I walk around the school frequently and get to see your children participating in their lessons and at play. We do indeed have an awesome school. I do however, need to ask you to take note of a few things. Please read this in the manner in which it is intended-with love and concern and the safety of all of our learners.

Some reminders:-

School begins at 8:15. It is your responsibility to get your children here on time. It is far less disruptive for them and the other learners. It has a negative impact on your child emotionally if they walk in late. It disrupts the flow and routine of the day.

Picking up and dropping off of children.

Grade 0                  : Parents to drop them off at the classroom and leave them there please.
Grade RRR – RR  : Parents can drop them off in the classroom, but please try and encourage them to  walk (don’t carry them) and leave them in the care of the teacher.

All other grades     : to be dropped off at the gate please. Your children need to be encouraged to be independent.


Please note the following for the safety of all our children!

A Parent…

may NOT stand and watch the children before school, or during breaks.

may not enter a classroom during the school day- this includes before and after school, unless a teacher invites you in. (I understand that parents will be dropping off the Grade 0 and Grade RRR and RR’s.

may not walk in and request a meeting with a teacher. Meetings must be arranged beforehand.  We as a school are responsible for the safety of all the learners, and the teacher is on duty from 8:00.- 14:30/15:00.

reprimand another learner. Any problems must be reported to either the teacher or to myself.

Sick/Doctor’s Notes. If your child is not attending school, you must please notify the school and there must be a note for the teacher explaining why your child did not attend school. This note is signed and put into your child’s file.

Taking a child out during school hours. There is a procedure to follow in this case.

  • The office must be informed that you will be removing the child from our care.
  • Where possible, please write a note to the teacher informing them too.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may you go directly to a classroom and take your child out!
  • You must go to the office, Tell Erica, and she will call for the child to come to meet you there or go with you to the classroom if necessary.
  • The child must be signed out by the parent. (If someone other than yourself is fetching your child, you must inform Erika beforehand. We will not allow anyone take a child off our premises without correct consent been given. This applies to other parents who take many children home on playdates. We are responsible for every precious child in our care.
  • If your child is not attending an extra-mural there should be some explanation why they are not going to be there. i.e. a note in the Homework Book, an email to Erika, or telephonically.


Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for school. We love the quirky outfits and ensembles, but they are not always conducive to play.


  • Girls should wear shorts as skirts and dresses are not appropriate when executing a handstand or climbing. Panties should be worn at all times, even under shorts.
  • Hair must be combed and neat and not falling in their eyes. If it is long, it must be tied up please.
  • High-lights are allowed within reason.
  • No cropped tops are to be worn.
  • No dangly earrings as they can hook and rip their ears. No necklaces that are long and can hook on anything.
  • No rings.
  • Finger nails should be free of nail polish. Clear varnish can be worn.
  • No make-up.
  • No high heels ever!


  • Boys can wear shorts or long pants.
  • Underpants must be worn under said pants.
  • Hair must be combed and neat and not falling in their eyes. If it is long, it must be tied up please.
  • High-lights are allowed within reason.
  • No dangly earrings as they can hook and rip their ears. No necklaces that are long and can hook on anything.
  • No rings

Sports attire

Please ensure that your child is wearing shorts on the days ECA occurs. Takkies or running shoes must be worn in case of snakes, sharp rocks, glass etc.

 If your child is not wearing shoes or shorts, they will not be able to participate.

 Lucia is assisting the staff with ECA, and takes register, helps with discipline and even takes part on occasion.

Please encourage your child to enthusiastically take part in all ECA’s. Parents made a request for more sport in the afternoons. Attendance has not been very encouraging so far.  

A lot of time and effort has gone into the ECA programme, especially from Teacher Leslie, who has gone out of her way to make contact with other small schools to arrange matches, cross-country etc.   

 Are you a marketing fundi? Would you be willing to share your expertise with me and give me some pointers in promoting our wonderful school? Please contact me if you can.

Thank you, as always, for the positive loyal support to PHES!

Light and love
Heather Miller