From the Principal’s Desk : School Begins – Welcome Back!

H.Miller 1

From my desk

“Where are you moving?” he asked.

I said, “on to better things!”

I do not know who said that but it pretty much sums up my life right now. I dreamed and it became my reality. I am living my dream right now and I understand how awesome it is to be able to say that! Not many people can.

I want to first and foremost thank all of the Governing Body and the staff and the parents I have met so far, for the warm welcome I have received. The last two months have been hectic, semi packing up my home in Durban and leaving my family behind to drive from Durban to Pringle bay.

I have already acquainted myself with your fabulous school (our fabulous school) and I look forward to exciting and interesting experiences along the way.

My favourite acronym is T.E.A.M

Together Everyone Achieves More

Together we are going to make this school a landmark. Support and inclusion of energy from you all will ensure this happens.

A warm welcome to two of our newest staff members, Mrs Retha Kruger, who has worked enthusiastically and hard to transform her classroom in readiness for her grade 1 & 2 class and Mrs Erica Van Zyl who has moved into the administration office and is already proven her worth.

A big thank you to Binkie Lees. She has been hugely supportive of my appointment as head of Pringle House Eco School and encouraging (even getting Gary to finding me a flat to rent). Your ongoing input is greatly appreciated.

Eloise Wallis and Sharon Walker, I look forward to working with you in the years ahead. Your love for the learners and your smiles each day are an inspiration to us all.

I look forward to working with such an amazingly supportive and loving staff.

Thank you for granting me this fantastic opportunity to be part of PBES and to fulfil my dream to continue to impact positively in your community and fly!

Please make yourself available for a short informative Parent’s Evening next Thursday, 19 January at 6:30 pm.

I look forward to meeting you all.

And so my Pringle adventure begins!

Light and love

Heather Miller

First Day!

The first day of school is always an exciting one. For some learners this was a brand new experience. A huge Pringle House welcome to all the new parents and learners we trust you will find the ease into our wonderful school an easy one. To all of the parents and learners who already consider Pringle House theirs, welcome back.

I took the time to visit all the classes and they were all happy and busy. First break was filled with much laughter and games. Mrs Lees and Mrs Kruger took the seniors on a walk through the forest, always a wonderful experience. Before we knew it, parents were arriving to fetch their children.

I really am so privileged to be a part of your school.

Please Note

  • In order for our school to function optimally, please take note of the following requests-
  • PARKING please drive slowly when driving into the school grounds. Drive around the building in the centre of the car park area and try to park on the right hand side (in front of the vegetable garden) if possible.
    • The learners will be released from their respective classes and sent out. Please do not stand in the foyer as it becomes very busy.
  • SIGNING OUT if a child has an appointment during the day or is being fetched early for some reason, you are required to sign him/her out. This is HUGELY IMPORTANT as we need to account for the whereabouts of all learners while in our care. If you are removing a child from school during school hours, please send a written message stating the fact so that the teacher and management is aware of the fact.
  • Under no circumstances can the child leave school early for a sporting activity. School ends at 2pm.
  • Parents are to report to Mrs Van Zyl, our admin lady who will deal with your needs and inform myself if necessary. Please do not under any circumstances go directly to a classroom unless otherwise directed. Disruptions during the academic day are to be kept to a minimum.
  • THE RECEPTION AREA is out of bounds to children. It is to be kept clean and tidy and free from clutter at all times.
  • THE TOILETS inside the school are for the use of staff or parents only. The outside toilets are for the use of the learners and strict hygiene rules are to be adhered to. This includes washing hands after going to the toilet and before eating.
  • THE CLEANER and GARDENER are there to help maintain the image we strive to maintain. Learners are taught to clean up after themselves at all times.
  • STAFF are from now on to be addressed as Mrs Miller, Mrs vanZyl, Mrs Lees etc. This will also help to encourage a healthy respect towards the teachers by the students.
  • DONATIONS we are always grateful for donations to the school. Without them we would struggle to make ends meet. However there are rules that apply to this. Rule of thumb is to please not donate anything you would not put in your house.
    • There is very little space to store donations if they cannot be used. We will send out specific requests when needs arise. However, prefab classrooms are always welcome!
    • We kindly request that anything broken or unusable be rather donated to a charity who requires such items or dropped off at a recycling facility.
  • FUND RAISING is an integral part of our survival and we rely heavily on support thereof. We appreciate the volunteering of the specialised skills parents have when the need arises.(I am already getting to know what your talents are…)

Please support any ventures we pursue during the year and we welcome any fundraising suggestions and donations for prizes.

  • LABYRINTH I would like to make a labyrinth outside in the front of the school. We need volunteers to level the area, design a four quadrant labyrinth and help lay it out. Please contact me if you are interested in this.
  • GATES are to be closed. Except for the main parking gate. This is very important for the safety of your children.
  • LABEL all clothing/shoes. If found items are not claimed they will be donated to charity at the end of each term.
  • SHOES closed shoes are required if learners are to continue to walk/run through the forest areas. The danger of snakes is a very real one.

The Week Ahead

  1. PETER COURT is a multi-talented award winning actor who lives in Durban. He will be visiting our school on the 18 January and teaching your children mime skills. We are super excited to have him visit Pringle House!
  2. SNAKE AWARNESS session will be given by Francois van Zyl a qualified Zoologist and snake handler will be giving a 30 minute snake awarness and educational session at the school this coming Wednesday at 9:30 am. Any parents interested are welcome to join.
  3. PARENTS EVENING please make yourself available for a short informative Parent’s Evening next Thursday, 19 January at 6:30 pm.

I look forward to meeting you all.

  1. EXTRA CURRICULAR (14h15-15h15 ) starting 16th January 2017

Monday                      Chess                           Mrs Kruger

Tuesday                      Senior Cricket             Mrs Lees

Wednesday                x-country                    Parents (7h30-08h00)

Thursday                     Junior Cricket              Mrs Wallis

Have a wonderful week.

Light and love

Heather Miller