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A learning environment where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in the learning of all ages..

Eco Projects

At Pringle House we care about the environment. 


Each class aims to educate our young people, in line with the Overstrand’s Educational Guidelines. 

PHES First Day
Nursery (from 15 months and up)- Grade R

Our little ones are exposed to a variety of activities, all aimed at developing their intellect, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Grade RRR and RR
Grade RRR - Grade RR

Students learn through play, creative activities, socialisation and outdoor play.

Grade R and 1
Grade R - Grade 1

Formal education establishes a critical foundation, in order to prepare students for their schooling career.

Grade 2 – Grade 3

Our students are well on their way in exploring the world of learning. Their syllabus is multi-faceted and exciting. 

Grade 4 – Grade 7

The children explore a syllabus that is both educational, and stretches their minds.  Our small classes is unique, in that it offers one-on-one assistance whenever required. 


See some of the wonderful activities that PHES has to offer.