Pringle House was established in Pringle Bay in January 2008 as a direct response to the educational needs of children base in Rooi Els, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond.

The school has grown rapidly during its first years. The “Pringle House Educational System” aims to provide a holistic and integrated system that focuses on the learners’ mental, emotional and physical needs. It is quality education that develops the total person and provides them with the necessary skills, tools and information to cope with and be successful in the “School of Life”.

Our school offers the advantages of a small group of children who each receive individual attention from experienced teachers and helpers. Our teachers are genuinely interested in lovingly expanding the consciousness of each child at all levels at a pace and in a manner best suited to that child. We provide a planned and varied English educational program, including training in language, math and science.

Pringle House operates according to the Western Cape school terms.  Upon enrolment, each child will receive an assessment in order to place them at the correct level. Each child is assessed on a regular basis throughout the year to monitor their progress and parents will receive a mid- and end-year report.


Pringle House has a participative management structure involving the Committee, Staff and Parents.  The Management Committee consists of parents, elected at the Annual General Meeting from the members of the school.  Anyone may become a member of the school and parents are automatically members of the school as long as they pay their school fees.  Parents are also encouraged to stand for the Committee and as Class representatives.


The school curriculum includes curricular educations, arts and crafts, music and song, creative movement, stories and poetry, numeracy programs, direct experience of nature and life processes as well as gardening, imagination development and free play.

The school arranges regular educational outings and adventures ( costs and specifics to be announced ad hoc)


Emotional Development

Pringle House encourages a compassionate orientation based on a sense of community and brotherhood. We create a sense of self-worth by stimulating the intelligent use of social skills and by encouraging positive interaction with others. We provide a structured learning environment.

Intellectual Development

The school caters for a variety of learning modalities: kinaesthetic, visual, auditory and sensory. Each child is naturally inclined to specific combination of these modalities and will not be forced to develop on a manner unsuited to their profile. Your child’s perceptual skills will be further developed through art, interactive play, music, storytelling, educational games and the study of the theme of things. Where appropriate, preschooler’s are included in the activities of the older children. This encourages the older ones to care for the younger children and inspire the younger ones to reach for greater heights.

Physical Development

Fine motor skills are further developed through hands-on activities in the classroom and in nature, while development of the physical body is complemented through outdoor play, climbing apparatus, gymnastics, ball skills and creative movement. Children are encouraged to master healthy eating habits, toilet routines, good manners and tidying up skills.


Income is derived from fees, donations and fundraising.  In the interest of the school and the service it provides to you, it is vital that parents commit themselves to giving whatever assistance they can to the school, with regard to fundraising and informative meetings, etc.

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