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Committed. Creative. Passionate. 

Adele Talbot principal

Adele Talbot


My career has been a long and relatively varied one.  I began teaching in 1985 in the primary school sector, graduating over time to high school education.  Each phase posed unique challenges, and grew my experience exponentially, and all were gratifying. I have never regretted my career path, which includes starting a primary school for previously disadvantaged youth, and to this day it remains a satisfying and rewarding field. 

I recently moved to Pringle Bay, and am privileged to be doing what I love in equal measure with a balanced existence of living in a beautiful biosphere. 

Pringle House aims to school our young students on their path to becoming responsible, community-minded individuals and ensuring that, simultaneously, they are happy and content in their learning environment. 


Kerry-Lee van Zyl

Teacher: Grades 2 & 3

Kerry-Lee van Zyl is a proud Pringle Bay resident, and has been living in the area from the tender age of 5.

Her pre-graduate education was completed via home schooling, after which she completed a teaching degree, followed by an Honours, at Stellenbosch University. While completing her degree she also completed an advanced certificate in educational art, and is a passionate artist.

Kerry has been teaching for about 7 years and was one of the original teachers that began the PHES journey, only to give it a break after having 2 boys. She has recently returned, and has taken up the position with the Grade 2 and 3 learners. She is loving every moment!


Jacqueline Yamey

Teacher Nursery Class (15 Months - Age 3)

Jaqueline loves children and is passionate about teaching. She taught for many years at a Montessori preschool in Hout Bay where her love and respect for children and their individuality flourished. She especially enjoys the nursery, recognising the needs of this particular age group.

 She has two daughters, three dogs and lives with her partner Derek in Pringle Bay. She loves all forms of art, crafts, upcycling projects, needlework, cooking, yoga, reading, and nature walks..

 The Nursery Class is a space for little ones to explore and learn more about themselves, each other and the world through work and play. The class is largely about socialising, the acquisition of language and exploration through all the senses whilst developing the finer skills of discernment. The children learn the skills they need to become independent – for example, to manage their snack, their clothing and their belongings. We learn how to share and to take turns.


Linelle Mostert

Teacher Nursery Class Teacher Grades RRR, RR & R

Linelle joined the PHES staff in January of 2021 and it has been the most interesting learning experience that is, in a  massive way, shaping her into the teacher that she wants to become. Linelle is currently the Grade RRR and RR teacher, and finds being the teacher of such little souls incredibly rewarding on it’s own and being involved in a school filled with strong female teachers is a blessing to her. Linelle studied for four years to obtain her B.Ed degree and she is excited for what there is to come here at PHES and still yet to be achieved.

Micaela Olivari

assistant: grade r and grade 1

My name is Micaela Olivari. I am an assistant in the Gr R and 1 class. I began working at Pringle House in 2020 where I started in the Nursery class. My previous experience involved 2 years of tutoring several age-groups, including high school, I have completed a Tefal course, and have recently been immersing myself in courses which focus on special-needs education. I am passionate about what I do and plan to have a career in the field of education.

Erika van Zyl


Erika is our administrative angel. Her empathy and caring personality coupled with a sharp brain makes her an excellent administrator.

She has an interesting past, which include her being the Model of the Year in Richard’s Bay in her early twenties! She is a published poet having one of her poems being given 4th place in a countrywide poetry competition.

Erika matriculated from Vereeniging High School and went on to do a Secretarial Diploma at Vaal Triangle College. She then did a Pastel accounting course, a three year Theological Diploma, took the Estate Agency exam and became a qualified Estate Agent.

She is artistic and loves painting and pottery.

Her family is her pride and joy. She has two sons, Francois and Ruan, a wonderful daughter-in-law, Kerry-Lee and two adorable grandchildren, Malachi and Ezekiel.

She loves her job at PHES and says that the children make every day an adventure for her.

Storm Meyer

teacher: grade r &
grade 1

I joined PHES in 2020 and have enjoyed the journey so far. The kids have made me laugh and smile every single day. I am currently the Grade R and Grade 1 teacher. Before joining PHES, I volunteered as a school in Hermanus and I was an au pair for two years. 

My passion for teaching was inspired by my high school Tourism teacher. I look forward to shaping young minds for the rest of my teaching career. 

Biance Meri Le Roux

Assistant: grade rrr & rr

I am a teacher’s assistant for the Grade RR and RRR class. I started at PHES in August 2021 and have enjoyed every second of the journey thus far.

I started out as a student and have successfully completed my counselling course with distinction. I wanted to work with young minds in order to understand them better and grow alongside them. PHES is not the first time I’ve worked with children, I use to be an au pair a few years ago and during that time I also studied for a TEFL course in level 5 which prepared me for such a wonderful opportunity at PHES.

I love working with children and hope to help and teach them as much as they keep teaching me every day.


Teacher: grade 4 &
grade 5

I’m married to Thomas. I have a son and a daughter, who are both married and I have 3 grandchildren.

I’ve been a teacher for 36 years and I love it. We moved from Kimberley in the Northern Cape to Betty’s Bay in 2020.

I feel very privileged to teach at PHES. The school has a very relaxed atmosphere, which is conducive to teaching and learning.